Friday, July 1, 2011


I have a little yellow notebook that I keep in my classroom to record the cute little things my students say every day.  I brought it home with me tonight so that I could type some of them up and share them with you :-)  Enjoy!

(Keep in mind that most of these children are 4, and very few are from English-speaking homes)

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Cathy: I want to draw pictures--of cars, butterflies, and a yo-yo.

Jeremy: A firefighter, so I could spray water on the fires.

Andrew: A Fireman.  I would have a race car with a rope [hose] for the water.  There's a hook for the rope on the race car.  I would need a race car to drive fast and hurry and help the peoples where they got fires and dying.

Mat:  A robot.  I will do my hands like this [motions].  My brother will be an astronaut so we can play.  I'll be green, and have a red tool belt.  I'll have tools to fix the things that are broken.

Gordon:  I want to be airplane pilot.  My plane can spill water on the fires.  If Andrew had a fire, I would "spshhhhhhhh!" on the fire.  No more fires.

Sydney: A doctor.  I'm going to give everybody shots.  If they ask for stickers, I'm going to give them some.  I'll give them water, too, and then they go home.

Hallie: A princess.  I love my mommy.  She's so pretty.  I will pick flowrs.

Amir: Superman.  I want to fly.  Sitting on top of the wall.  I would fly up to the outerspaceship.