Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Perfect Beginning's the weekend.  Thank the Lord!

It's funny, because this week absolutely flew by, but I'm so thankful it did.  It was stressful and tiring, and I'm pooped.

But God has the perfect weekend lined up for us.  We need it!

Yesterday, Jesse surprised me by offering to drive me to work (at 7am on his day off?  that's L-O-V-E)

When he picked me up at the end of the day, the car was full of the yummy smell of fresh fajita mix waiting to be grilled, along with corn on the cob, a watermelon, and a box of strawberries.  We got home and he made me rest on the couch (my feet have been so swollen and painful the last two days...methinks it's going to be a long summer) while he went out and grilled up the fajitas and got dinner ready.

Last night, we caught up on an episode of Rookie Blue that we had missed (anyone else get hooked on that one last summer?)  and then my sister Kate came by to stay with us for the weekend.  She and I introduced Jesse to an old family favorite: The Great Mouse Detective.  But it was already 10:30 when we turned it on, and I think I only made it 20 minutes in.

I woke up this morning at 6:30 to birds chirping and Kayleigh doing her early morning dance, got out of bed to make myself some tea, toast, and a plate of fruit, and then climbed right back in bed.  I know that Jesse can use at least another hour of sleep before he's up, and I have no idea when we'll see Kate alive this morning :-)

It's going to be a lovely day, though.

Jesse and I are planning on tackling two closets today and getting things sorted through/packed up.  Then we're going to go out and do some baby registry shopping, and then enjoy a giftcard to the Cheesecake Factory.  What loveliness!  Just the kind of day we need.

And then, tomorrow, Jesse's mom is coming to church with us, having lunch with us afterward, and then Jes and I are heading to San Diego to spend the rest of the weekend with Emily and Arlen.  Em's birthday is the 4th, and we've celebrated America's/her birthday together almost every year since we were five.

I'm so thankful for a quiet weekend.  June was crazy, and between getting the house ready to go on the market and receiving a lot of new students to my classroom this week, I'm ready to say goodbye to it and hope for a less scatterbrained July.

Keep praying for us as we look for a new place to live.  It's going to be so hard to say goodbye to this little blessing house.  We've loved it so dearly for the past three years!  If I could afford to buy it, I would.  BUT, I'm not going to worry about anything this weekend.  I'm going to enjoy time with my husband, getting enjoyable tasks accomplished, and spending lots of time with loved ones.

Have a blessed weekend!


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  1. What a wonderful husband! I've been trying to pull your blog up for days now and this is the first time I've been able to. It's been driving me nuts. Sounds like you all had a good weekend!


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