Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Retreat

We spent last weekend with our young adult Bible study group up at Lake Arrowhead.

What a blessing it is to have these couples in our life!  God has really blessed us with some amazing friends at our church, and we are so thankful for them.  Last year, we spent a weekend at Zion National Park with them,


[caption id="attachment_956" align="aligncenter" width="432" caption="Hiking up to Angel's Landing, Zion, 2010"][/caption]

and this year, we took a quiet weekend up in a beautiful little cabin owned by a member of our congregation.  What a blessing!

This has really been a "growing" year for each of us in the group.  In the past year, we've all met with one major disappointment or other, struggled to see God's will, and supported each other through prayer and encouragement.

As hard as it is to see your friends go through difficult times, sometimes isn't it encouraging to realize you're not the only one?  We can all identify with hurt and disappointment because it's fresh in each of our hearts--but we can also remind each other of God's unfailing love and His faithfulness to bring us comfort and compassion.

I'm so thankful for these friends.  (Wondering what's with all the crazy hats?  Read about the surprise baby shower they threw for us while we were at the cabin!)

So thankful for the way we "get" each other.

So thankful for all of the laughs.

So thankful for the support that we get from them.

So thankful that God provided us with these wonderful friends!



  1. Baby girls love flies and coffee! ;)

    Seriously, it was a much needed weekend, and it got me through the following Friday. I love our friends. :)

  2. That's wonderful, Bethany! Friends really are the salt of the earth. Were would be we without them? The hats are funny!
    It's so sad when I hear people tell me they don't connect regularly with a group of people because they don't have "time". I feel it's the most important thing investing in. And only by plowing in time do growth and life change happen through our friendships. The commitment is worth it!


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