Friday, September 17, 2010

My Challenge

I have a sickness. 

Really, truly, definitely.

No matter how I try to avoid it, I can't help but want to try every craft on the face of the planet. 

Our guest room/craft room has turned into a craft junkie's heaven. 

There is more scrapbook paper in that room than I could ever use, rubber stamps for every occasion, stickers, glitter,  embroidery floss, every color of yarn and fabric I can think of, sewing patterns, cross-stitch books, embroidery books, applique books, crochet books, knitting books (yes, I finally did hunker down and learn!), quilting books, calligraphy sets, wooden dowels/shapes, paint, felt markers, 9 different kinds of glue, glass beads, wooden beads, jewelry-making gadgets, decorative paper punches, collections of colored threads, stencils, scores of fancy scissors...buttons...idea sketches...

The point is, I have enough things in this house to keep me busy for a long time.  But whenever I get a new idea in my head, I run out to buy what I need.  Understandably, if I'm trying one of the project's in Martha's most recent addition of Living, I'm not going to have everything in my craft closet that the queen of craft has in one of her studios.  BUT, I can improvise with what I have, or I can finish one of my other projects before jumping into a new one.

I just bought two new crochet books that I've been wanting for a while (God bless JoAnn's for having 50% crochet books this week!) and my first impulse is to dash back to the store to buy beautiful new yarns for the great projects inside each book.  But doing so only keeps this crazy cycle going!

My challenge to myself is to make 25 things out of what I already have before I allow myself to buy anything for a new project. 

There are so many things that I can make using what I already have.  The trouble is, I just get bored with them.  Self-control and a challenge to complete will help me get my creative thoughts going to come up with some new and exciting things to make straight from my craft closet.

I'll keep you updated and post pictures of the things that I make.  I'm not creating any huge requirements for myself; the only parameter I've given myself is that whatever I make during this challenge needs to be marketable for the craft fair I'm doing with Momma B in November.  We'll have an entire table to put our items on, so I need to work on having enough things to fill it with!

Well, I'm off to join Jesse on the couch, curl up with him and a spool of crochet thread, and make little flower hairclips while we watch Up.

Have I mentioned that it's a great movie?


  1. haha, speaking of Up... did we let you borrow it? it is totally ok that you still have it - we still have three of your movies from last winter, I think... I'm just trying to track down our copy cause I thought we had it and now I'm not sure!! :)

  2. Oh noooo!
    Lol, Stacey, the main reason we watched it Friday night was so that we could give it back to you yesterday!
    Oh well, it's not like I'll never see you again :-)


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