Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fun Times with Kim

It was so good to see Kim this week!  It's also good to see that two years can go by and our friendship is just the same.  "Just with more wrinkles," Kim said.  :-P

I picked her up at the airport around 9:30, and was so excited to see her that I didn't want to be responsible for driving back home until we'd actually gotten to visit for a little bit.  So we stopped at TGI Friday's and ate a platter of appetizers while we caught up with each other and laughed like old times.  It's so good to have her back!

We spent all day on Thursday lounging around the house, talking, eating, talking, and eating.  The only thing we actually got out of the house to do was to make a run to Trader Joe's to get what we needed to make dinner that night.  By the time Jesse came home from work, we had chicken fajitas hot and ready to go. Yum!

I forgot to charge my camera battery until Thursday, which is why I only have pictures from yesterday.

On Friday, we took Kim to our favorite local sushi restaurant.

We ordered tons of sushi rolls and then just ate off of each other's plates.  Yum!

Friends for five years, and roommates for three!
Kim actually still has a few more months on Jesse :-)
I lived with my roommate for longer than I have with my husband.  Oh well, he'll catch up!

He's so handsome!

After lunch, Jesse had to head to church for an overnight lock-in with the high schoolers.  Kim and I had a few hours to do girly things, so we painted our nails and made some jewelry.
Fun times!
I dropped Kim off to spend the weekend with another friend, but she's going to be spending Monday with us again.  I'm just so excited to have her back!


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