Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Kim is Coming to Town!

I am so so so excited today.

In a couple of hours, I'm driving out to Ontario Airport to pick up my Kimmikins.  It's been two years since I've seen her.  I can barely contain my joy.

Kim and I were roommates our entire time at Concordia University.  She is such a fun, spunky, loveable girl.  She brings out the silliness in me, and makes me contemplate things I've never thought of before.  She's a world traveller, and she's finally coming home!

Kim and her husband Nathan (I introduced them!  Inadvertently...) have been living in Hanoi, Vietnam since September 2008, and have finally made their return to America.  I'm so excited to have her back!  Even though they will be living in Northern California when they finally get settled, knowing that I can drive to see her (versus swim? fly?) is huge, and being in the same time zone is even better!  We made do with the 14 hour time difference between California and Vietnam, but know that I won't have to do the math and add 14 to whatever time it is on my end will be so nice.  Whenever we called each other, it seemed like one of us was always waking up the other one!

I found my external hard drive and wanted to upload some pics. I'm sure we've changed since these days!

4:30am on our way to an orphanage in Tijuana, 2006

Tiny Kim and her ridiculously huge shirts!

Goofing off in front our of dorm door, 2007

At my bridal shower, 2008
My wedding, June 2008

Kim's wedding, July 2008

Kim and Nathan came to say goodbye before flying to Vietnam

The last time I saw Kimmi

I had so many more pictures before the computer I used at Concordia was stolen...but these ones get me by.  I'll have many more new pictures to add next week!