Friday, September 24, 2010

Knitting Day!

I just uploaded pictures from my camera to my computer and found a ton of pictures I need to blog about!

Here's a day from the summer that I really enjoyed.

Sarah and Hannah are two sweet girls at our church.  We bonded when Jesse and I first came to Hope because of their dedication to the church and also their love for yarn!  When they found out that I crocheted but didn't know how to knit, they promised they would teach me.  They even gave me a cute bag full of yarn and knitting needles for my first birthday out here.

Fast forward two years:  I still hadn't arranged for a time for them to teach me how to knit.  Between all of our busy schedules, it kept getting pushed back further and further.  I never forgot, though, and always looked forward to the day they could come over for a "crafternoon" and teach me how to knit.

We turned it into a tea party.  I served tortilla roll sandwiches and cranberry apple salad, and the girls brought a beautiful fruit salad.  My friend Jenny joined us for our crafternoon, and the four of us had the most wonderful time!

Hannah and Jenny

Sarah and me

It was such a fun afternoon.  The way we naturally paired up (Hannah teaching Jenny and Sarah teaching me) totally cracked me up.  Hannah and Jenny are the more energetic/extroverted girls out of the four of us, and their couch kept erupting into shrieks and laughter while Hannah tried to teach Jenny how to knit.
H: What's wroooooooong????
J: I think I dropped a stitch!
H: Let me see!  I'll fix it for you!
J: No!  I need to learn how to do it! Show me how!
H: Ok!  It's gonna be ok! Just let me figure this out.
J:  Hurry!  It's going to get ruined!!!

verses the quiet companionship on Sarah and my couch:
S: How are you doing over there?
B: Pretty well, how does this look?
S: It's looking good.  I'll show you the next step as soon as you finish that row.

Knitting was an interesting experience for me.  It's funny to feel so slow and awkward with yarn since I've been able to zip through projects since I was 11.  By the end of the afternoon, I had nice, even stitches and was enjoying my new handiwork.  I still prefer crochet, but I'm glad to have something new to add to my repertoire!

I'm glad that we finally got to have our knitting day.  It was a lot of fun to fellowship with sweet girls from church and learn a new skill.  Don't be surprised now if you ever receive a knit gift from me!