Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy First Day of Fall!

Today is the beginning of my favorite season.

Today, I'm thinking happy thoughts...

of leaf piles...

and picture-perfect pies...

yummy autumn yarns to crochet...

the return of Starbuck's Carmel Apple Spice...

bringing out all of my favorite candles...

and cute little pumpkins just for the heck of it...

cuddling around the fire...

simple autumn wreaths...

enough frost to cover the ground...(but no snow)

going apple picking with Jesse in Oak Glen...

These are a few of my favorite things...

What makes you excited about Autumn?


  1. I'm so confused - how is it the first day of Autumn/Fall? Is this some meteorological reason or is it always the 22nd? I've read this a few times today and never realised it before.

    Anyway I'm looking foward to snuggling in during the evening in my PJs, getting home from work and eating warming stews and casseroles for dinner, shutting the curtains and snuggling up on the sofa.

    Have a lovely autumn day!

  2. B, this made me so happy :) I'd totally forgotten that today was the first day of fall. Now it's my favorite season, and I can wear scarves without people asking why.

    I'm also looking forward to the extra hour of sleep we get soon....

  3. Hi Jade!
    I'm no scientist, but here is what I found: Autumn Equinox
    It has to do with the sun lining up with the equator.
    I love your ideas, too. Stew sounds so good right now! I'll have to go dig up a yummy recipe :-)

  4. Louly, I've been counting down to this day for weeks! I'm so excited about fall, and can't wait for it to start actually feeling like fall around here. When it does, you should come and visit, and we'll go stomping in all of the leaf piles and wear snazzy scarves together :-)

  5. I love the pictures you posted, I might have to copy that idea! I am looking forward to all the same things as you, only my beverage of choice is the salted caramel hot cocoa and I am determined to learn how to make it at home! I can't wait to do lots of baking with my little man too! :) You have me smiling now!

  6. Bethany,
    I'm excited about this season because it means that I get to see you real soon! I am so thankful for you, and for your clear perception of our Lord's goodness and kindness. I rejoiced to see your 5-Year anniversary note which reminded me that our Lord is always at work, whether we are watching or not. You encourage me to pause, look around and consider that our Lord is working GOOD right now. Although He has given us too many blessings to count, that doesn't mean that I should give up counting. Thank you for that reminder.
    Love with Joy,

  7. I kinda want to make that wreath now that you posted. Hmmm, just might get on that this weekend. :-)

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