Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Moving the Comfort Zone Boundaries

Jesse and I got new phones today.  The guy at our Verizon store was so helpful.  He helped us get great deals on our new phones, and even figured out a way to save us $30 on our monthy bills.  So exciting!

My handsome guy and I bounced back and forth between two phones for a long time.  At first we both liked the same one, then we unanimously switched over to the other, then we realized that it would be difficult to have the exact same phone (can you imagine if he drove all the way to work--30 mins--only to realize he had my phone instead of the one with all of his work contacts?). 

We both had Razrs when we were dating, and we thought it was super cute to have matching phones...until I left for the weekend with the wrong one.  We're smarter now.  Sometimes =0)

Anyway, we finally decided on different phones.  His only came in black, but I had two choices: black, or red.  Being the conservative girlie I am, I leaned toward the black...until I realized that it had weird orange plastic parts randomly on the keypad.  Halloween, hello?  But then...the red was so red!  I can't think of a single thing that I own that's red. 

Now, there's nothing wrong with accessorizing with color.  I love color!  I think that if the phone had been pink, or purple, or blue, I would have gone for it in a instant.  Red is way more bold.  More bold than I usually think I have the guts to be.

But you know what?  Even though I got cold feet as the Verizon guy was loading my phonebook onto my new phone and nearly made him run back to the warehouse for a different one, I walked out of that store with a red phone.

A bold, bright, glimmery red.

At least it will be easier to find at home when I'm not wearing my glasses.


  1. I have a red phone, too! Welcome to the proud, and perhaps slightly gaudy, family ;)

  2. Every accessory I OWN is red! Except for my ipod... which is orange. Color is good :) People who have red phones are automatically awesome.

  3. I have a red phone too!! Tyler and I got new phones last summer, and we both got the same phone so we had to get different colors. He got blue, I got red. I know, boy and girl colors, but it works. :D


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