Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Ready to be Back Yet

Our anniversary trip was so wonderful!  It was just what we needed...time away from everything around here, time to just be together, time to relax and pretend that schedules and work don't exist, time to explore, to laugh, to enjoy the pure beauty of what being in love with your best friend really is.

I have soooo many pictures (589, to be exact) that I'll be going through and uploading as I have time (on OUR blog, not this one, so look there!). 

Jesse is at work today, preparing for VBS next week.  We're hitting the ground running!  Jesse leads VBS, and I'm in charge of all the craft projects for it, so next week will be a blur!  On top of all of that, I'm also starting my summer job on Monday--teaching three math courses a day!  Yipes!  It's at the school I've been working at all school year, so I know and love the kids, and am thankful for work!  Not sure how I ended up with math, though.  I think God is laughing at me.

I'm still on clouds after our trip, and having a hard time coming back to earth.  I wish all the laundry could do itself!  I should have taken a picture of our landfill's worth of clothing and camping gear that I have to do today.  Oh well, it's a good day for music, mindless house-cleaning, and lots of reminiscing about our wonderful trip!  Can't wait to share our pictures with you!