Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why I Love My Sister

Kate's here with me this afternoon, and the only thing on tv was the movie Rent.  Kate had never seen it before, and I hadn't seen it since my roommate Kim absolutely killed it for me with her obsession over it.

 Here's a snippet of our conversation:
(at the part when cross-dresser Angel is dressed up like a Zebra Santa Girl singing "today for you, tomorrow for me")

Kate: Why are all these people so ugly?

B:They all have AIDS. They're dying.

K: So we're watching a musical about ugly people who are dying?

B: Prettttttttty much.

K: They should change the premise of this entire movie. No lesbians, no ugly people, no AIDS, no dying. And no singing. THAT'S what would make this a good movie.


  1. haha, there are so many movies like that... :-)

    There are also movies that are uber predictable! You can guess what's going to happen simply by how the plot is going - or how the characters are. :-P When my dad sees movies like that he says, "I wrote this!"

  2. Kate should have been on the Rent development team from the get-go.


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