Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kate Saves the Day

Here's another reason I love my sister...

The first Sunday in June was a really hard day for me.  I found out that day that I hadn't been hired for a teaching position I had been praying about for months.  It had seemed so perfect, and I was crestfallen when I heard the news.  The worst part about it was that the reason I wasn't hired is because I'm not "Lutheran" enough.  I didn't go for a Lutheran Teacher Certificate (additional Lutheran theology courses) while at Concordia because I didn't know that I was going to be a Lutheran after graduation.  It was something that never even occurred to me until I fell in love with Jesse.  By then, I could either choose to stay in school for another year, or get married right after graduation.  I'm happy with the choice we made!

But be denied a position because of that stings.  Especially when I've struggled so in the past two years to feel like I belong as a Lutheran.  I've worked so hard to be a part of our church, to serve alongside my husband, to help where I can.

But I'm not Lutheran enough.  To teach children multiplication and how to write a paragraph?  Really...

Kate came by that day.  She had left her cellphone charger at our house, and her phone had died.  We sat in the den together watching movies, and she did her best to cheer me up.

At one point, she asked, "Have you baked cookies or anything lately?  I'm craving something homemade."

I said no, and that I was sorry...and that I didn't feel like baking today.  She asked if she could.

An hour and a half later, she came out of the kitchen with a smile.  In her hands was a chocolate cake set on one of my special occassion charger plates.  She had written in blue icing across the top, "We Appreciate Beth."

It was one of the sweetest gestures she could have made!  Her simple act of love brought a smile to my face and we enjoyed cake and ice cream until Jesse came home (then he got to eat some, too!)


  1. this is so sweet!

    You know... I was born into the Lutheran church, but I couldn't tell you much about being Lutheran since I really have no idea!

    I consider myself to be non-denominational... but somehow people still think I'm Lutheran because of my background.

    I think it's quite silly that the reason they didn't hire you was because you weren't Lutheran "enough". It's the same with being Catholic though...

    I almost couldn't be a Godmother to my best friend's son because of all the rules. One rule was that if I was married, I HAD to have been married in a Catholic church... luckily, I was only engaged at the time. So that question didn't count! :-P

    Anyway, God has something in mind for you!! Keep up all your hard work!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I interviewed for a job and they told me I couldn't have it because I wasn't Lutheran either. :( They should just tell everyone at Concordia to get their Lutheran certificate because a lot of us end up going into the Lutheran world because of our husbands any ways!!


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