Saturday, June 19, 2010

100th Post~~Welcome, Precious Chloe Daniella!

This is my 100th post on Happy Homemaker Me.  I've thought for months about a special way to celebrate my 100th post, but couldn't think of anything as special as sharing my newest bit of exciting news.

Welcome to the world, beautiful little Chloe!

My friend Dalia had her baby on June 9th.  Such an exciting time!

Dalia, Emilie, Stephanie and I have been friends since our days as teachers at Turtle Rock Preschool.

We were all texting back and forth while Dalia was at the hospital.

As soon as we got word that Chloe had been born, Emilie texted me:
"Beth!  We're Aunties!!!"

That's the way we feel.  We're sisters!

(Halloween Party at the Preschool 2007--A groupie, a hippie, and Snow White)

Hanging out off duty :-)

Our precious little classroom
February 2008

Dalia and Emilie at Doll's baby shower last month

compromising heights :-)

Emilie, Stephanie, me, and Dalia--spanning five years of friendship!
(Emilie and I met when we worked together for a private family in 2005.  The next year, we were working together again at the same preschool!)  Stephanie and Dalia came soon after, and the four of us were unseparable during those days.  Such sweet memories! 

I've made so many new friends since Jesse and I moved two years ago...but it's always so wonderful to see old friends again and realize that nothing has really changed (besides marriages and babies, of course!)

Beautiful girls!

We all had so much fun at Doll's shower.  We hadn't been able to get all four of us together at once in the last two years.  It was a very special day!

Dalia's cheer squad (oohing and ahhing as she opened her gifts!)

Doll, Em, and Steph, I love you girls so much!  I'm so thankful that God put us in the same school to work together with joy in our little classrooms so long ago.  I'm even more thankful for the friendships we still enjoy today!  You are a blessing to me  ♥

It's so exciting to see your closest friends moving on to new stages of life.  I still can't believe that Dalia has a baby...I can't wait to hold her!!!

My smiles for the day:

Sweet little Chloe, less than a day old...wearing the onesie I made for her!
She'll grow into it :-)

And now, a week later!  Look at the adorable, smiley munchkin!
Dalia, if your baby is missing after I come and visit, you'll know why!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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