Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinterest Party Link Up!

Welcome to my first Pinterest Party!  If you have a project, recipe, organization tip, or anything else that you've pinned on Pinterest and are itching to try it, go ahead and make it, post it, and link up!

Pinterest Party!
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Kayleigh learned how to reach for things two weeks ago.  The first time I saw her reach for a toy that was hanging from her bouncer, I ran upstairs to grab all of the toys that had been sitting in her little toy box waiting for that day.  I came back down and shoved all of the toys in front of her on the floor.  It was so much fun to see her expressions of wonder and surprise as she stretched her chubby arms out and clasped little fingers around different objects.  Most of her toys are either too heavy or too big for her to pick up, so I've weeded through her toy box and pulled out the ones that she can grasp in her tiny hands (And...I've picked up one or two along the way!)

So, when I saw this adorable little plushie on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make one for our sweet Kayleigh.  It's soft, it's cute, light and easy to hold, and it has taggies!

I went to JoAnn in search of soft, plush fabric.  I fell in love with the chenille and minky they had by the bolt, but it was $15 a yard.  I headed to the remnants section, and found soft green terry.  Best part?  All the remnants were 50% off! I spent about $1 on enough fabric to make 15 of these little guys.

Kelly's plushie tutorial comes with a full PDF download.  It has two pages of instructions, and two templates to choose from.  So helpful!

I decided to take the embroidery a step further and embroidered Kayleigh's name on the back
I used waste canvas to help me keep it all straight.  That stuff is handy!

I used ribbons from my stash, cut them different lengths, and followed Kelly's tutorial to sew it all together.

I loved Kayleigh's reaction!

It's perfect for holding, and squishing, and tasting, and tossing

I'm pretty pleased :)

Now, it's your turn!  

What have you made?

Link up!

And please show some blogger love by visiting other links and leaving comments.  Let's encourage one another and make some new friends!


  1. I'll be back, but this is too funny. I went and looked at your craft boards today to see if I could guess what you were going to make and I swear what you did caught my eye and I just had that feeling that was the one. Now I am going to go gaze my hubbies lotto ticket for some luck!! LOL

  2. So cute! Mackenzie loves her taggie blanket, she even sleeps with it.

  3. Absolutely adorable! I wish I could link up but the crafting bug is not biting me lately.

    1. lol, recipes, cleaning ideas, organization tips and anything else you found on Pinterest works, too! &hearts

  4. love it!!! what a great idea! i'm sure K loves it too. :)


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