Sunday, February 5, 2012

Heart of the Homemaker Series

What is a homemaker?

The word may conjure images of a pajama-clad woman with her hair tied up in a messy knot, a spot of laundry detergent on her slipper, the spoon from the evening's dinner clenched in her hand, and a child wrapped around each leg.

Many of us probably have those days, but is that all that there is to a homemaker?

Three years ago, when I blogged my first, journal-like entry on Happy Homemaker Me, I did not fit into the homemaker niche.  I loved to blog, I loved to share my ideas, but I did not fit in with the rest of the writers in the blogosphere.  I was 22, newly married, and in love with creating a beautiful home for my handsome man to return to each night.  I was also completing my teaching credential, doing my student teaching, and *gasp* I was a blogger without any children.

Lives simply in the joy of Jesus

That is what a homemaker does.  She finds joy in running her household, cherishes her family, delights in making life beautiful for those she loves.

Homemakers can be women who work outside of the home, or those who work in the home throughout the day.  Finding a new recipe to try may be a secret joy, or a desperate attempt to find anything their picky little eater will try.  There's no cookie-cutter homemaker.

I'm hoping that, through this series, you will get a peek inside of the beautiful hearts of a few bloggers who bless me weekly through their writings.  I hope that you are refreshed to discover that you're not the only person who despises laundry, that you are reminded of God's love for you, and that you smile along with these homemakers as they share tidbits of their daily lives.

I am so excited for the wonderful week we have ahead of us.  This week, you will meet five homemakers who will share their beautiful hearts with you.  

Danice, a wife and mother of four whose Christ-centered heart lifts me up and encourages me in my own walk with my Savior.
Disney, an incredibly talented crafter with a passion for finding thrifty ways to make things and sharing her love for God through her blog. 
Kayse, a work-from-home teacher whose knack for organization inspires me, and caring heart encourages me daily.
Mandy, a Christian yoga, tattooed mama with a love for living simply and glorifying her Lord.
Christi, a professional musician turned home-birthing mama who lives by the theme, Soli Deo Gloria.

I pray that you are blessed through them this week!

♥ Bethany

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  1. I am really looking forward to reading these! What a great idea an an inspiration.


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