Monday, May 2, 2011


I'm still alive, I promise.

What a crazy year 2011 has been, so far!

In January, we found out that we were expecting a baby in September.

In February, I really wasn't feeling great.  Then I caught the flu from Jesse, and from there, I had miserable morning sickness for 12 weeks.  Not fun!

In March, we found out that my husband's job would probably be going to part-time in September (BABY DUE IN SEPTEMBER--major freakouts happened...)  This, by the way, is not the case any more.  Praise the Lord!  However, when I stop working in September to be a Stay At Home Mommy, his reduced salary will not cut it for us, so we're really praying about what to do.

In April, we found out that our landlords need to sell the beloved home we have lived in for nearly three years.  They will be listing it in a few weeks, and are just as heartbroken about having to say goodbye to it as we are.

These are a lot of changes, and while we know the Lord will see us through, the not-knowing in-between time is difficult right now.

The good news is that morning sickness finally hit the road.  I'm so thankful!  I'm no longer having to start my day with Saltines and 7Up just so that I can stomach my anti-nausea prescription, and haven't worried about getting sick in the trashcan in my classroom for weeks.  I'm back to cooking, cleaning (don't worry, no chemicals!) and getting life back in order.  3 months is a long time to be sicker than a dog!  The perfectionist homemaker in me really took a hit this year.  I had to learn how to let people help me, how to love friends (and myself) enough to let them see my house with dishes in the sink and laundry scattered everywhere.  I had to learn that it was ok to let things be a mess since I didn't have the energy to clean tidy up, and I learned what a gem I married.  My Handsome Man may not have a "neat freak" bone in his body, but he sure knows how to take care of me.  For three months, he climbed gingerly into bed so that I wouldn't clamber over the edge of the mattress like a seasick inlander on a sailboat; he called me every day on his way home from work to see if anything sounded good to me that he could pick up; he held my hair for me when I got sick, and brought me 7Up and Saltines to help settle my stomach.

My Handsome Man has done such a wonderful job of taking care of his little family!  How do I know he's going to be an amazing daddy?  He already is.  The living proof is that he was able to keep me and our little one alive during those rough times!

On top of everything that has been going on, our house has been undergoing many renovations in the past few months.  Our landlords have completely remodeled one of our bathrooms (which left us without a shower for a whole month), put new flooring in the kitchen, and added carpet to the spare room.  Poor spare room!  Jesse and I had been so excited about turning it into our hobby room.  It's all painted now, and the new carpet is wonderful.  But knowing that we'll be moving out soon kind of takes away the fun of planning a sewing/recreation room.  Oh well!  Someday...

Because of the renovations, all of my crafts have been packed away for months.  I didn't want dust/asbestos to be getting all over the yarns that I love to work with, or the projects that I have completed.  What crazy times!  Life just hasn't been normal lately.

Of course, our view of "normal" is drastically changing...

Please pray for us as we consider the next steps we are supposed to take.  Please pray that God reveals His will to us soon!

Anyways, these are my 'scuses for why I've been so MIA, lately.  But enough about me, what's up with you?  :-)


  1. Glad to hear that you're finally feeling better! Being sick for so long is rough.

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