Saturday, May 28, 2011

Taking a "Day Off"

Today has been wonderful.  Jesse and I have spent the entire day in our pajamas, mostly in bed, sniffling, sneezing, getting each other steaming cups of tea, snoozing, and watching movies.

Not that it's a blast to be sick, or anything, but it's sooo refreshing to be able to rest!

Life has just been crazy lately (maybe you've already put that together from my lack of posting this month...)

Laundry has piled up sky high, there's so much to do around this house as far as packing and preparing to move (where to? no idea!  God be with us!) and being that it's the first Saturday in forever that we've had nowhere that we need to be, we could be tackling those things.  But our bodies demanded rest, so rest we are taking.

I had to leave work at lunchtime on Wednesday with a migraine so intense that my body was threatening to throw up from the pain.  I've always had migraines, but when there's nothing I can take for them or do about it, it makes them 10,000x worse.  Jesse came home from work early on Thursday with a bad cold.  What a week!

My migraine has mostly subsided, but I'm still dealing with the constant sinus pressure that really has plagued me for the majority of my pregnancy.  It's no fun to be sick when you can't take anything to help you get over it!

But today, I'm thankful for rest, I'm thankful to cuddle next to my handsome guy and commiserate, I'm thankful for organic lavender chamomile tea, thankful for honey, thankful for Kleenex, and thankful for a day that I can push responsibilities aside and simply be sick.

It's a pretty good day, in my book!

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  1. i think you guys got me sick this time!! i'm fighting an attack of green boogers and sneezes and coughs! i suppose it's payback for all the times i got you sick... :)


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