Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day with the Stuarts

(I have a week of things to catch up on, so these pictures aren't from this past weekend, but the one before that)

My cousin Lucas' wedding was on April 30th down in Escondido, so Jesse and I took advantage of the opportunity to spend Friday night in San Diego with my childhood friend, Em, and her husband Arlen.

We had a wonderful time!  We didn't get to their house until around 9 or 10 that night, since we had to wait until I got off work to make the drive.  Here we are the next morning, enjoying one of Em's lovely spreads:

I love our precious friends!

We spent our morning at Coronado Beach.  It was wonderful to have my toes back in the ocean!

Emily and I grew up just over a mile from the sea.  We spent our entire childhoods playing mermaids among the rocks and building sand castles with our siblings.  Her adult life led her to San Diego, where she is still just a short walk from the water, and mine led me inland.  Everyone knows that I hate being away from the coast, and I take every opportunity that I can to sink my toes in wet sand again.

You can take a girl away from the beach, but you can't take the beach away from the girl!

We enjoyed the beautiful view of Hotel del Coronado--built in 1887!

As we walked along the shoreline, Jesse and Arlen kept commenting about how much "seaweed" there was in the sand.

Em and I thought it was hilarious how impressed our INLAND BOYS were to discover that there were shellfish beneath those seaweed-like hairs in the sand.  lol!

We hadn't even thought to mention it, because we took it for granted that they would have known :-)

Laughing at our silly boys--priceless!

(apparently we need to take them to the ocean more often?)

It was a wonderful day with dear friends!

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