Saturday, September 12, 2009

Birthday Pedicures and Sushi

Since our birthdays are two weeks apart, Momma B and I like to celebrate together by going out once a year and getting pedicures. We have so much fun!

I drove out to Redlands on Tuesday as soon as my last little kiddo was picked up, and met Momma B at her house. We got in her car and went to Papillon Beauty Spa. It is such a nice place (lol, because my knowledge of spas is so great after having 2 pedicures in my life!). Mom treated us to the most luxurious package, and we got to enjoy over an hour of pampering! Foot baths, scrubs, even a paraffin wax foot masque. That was amazing.

It's so interesting to me how talented people can be with a little bit of polish and some sticks. See how cute our toes turned out?

I'm completely inspired. I'm a big do-it-yourselfer, and if there's a way to recreate this at home, I'm bent on figuring it out! I went to Sally Beauty Supply yesterday and bought the same white and silver polishes that they used on my toes. I also bought bottles of bubble bath, foot scrub, foot masque, and foot lotion to be able to do at home what they did at Papillon.

Only problem is, now I have the things to do it all, but super cute toes I don't want to mess up! I already asked Jesse if I could practice on him, and got a resounding no. He's still not happy about the last time I practiced on him before realizing we were out of nail polish remover! I'll have to see what Kate's up to this weekend... :)

Anyway, after our pedis, we went out for sushi at a new place by Mom's house. It's a much more modern/stylish place than our beloved Miyako's in Glendora, but the food was really good. We shared a crunch roll, an ozeki roll, and a spider roll, and decided that we really don't like soy paper. Mental note for next time. Ozeki was the only one that had soy paper, though, and the other two were so good! The ozeki would have been really good without the soy, so next time, I would just ask them to make it with regular old delicious seaweed wrap.

We had such a fun night! I really lucked out in marrying a man who has no sisters--his mom spoils me rotten! We have a blast being girls together :)

Birthday pedicures and sushi--can it get any better than that?!?!