Friday, September 4, 2009


Hopefully you don't tire of reading about cute little first graders, because I have lots of stories!

Today, I had the students do a creative writing piece where they had to draw a picture and then tell a story about what they would do if they were bears. The story their Language Arts unit is on right now is about a bear who lives in a treehouse, so I figured it was ample ground for the imagination.

I was excited when Scott came up to show me his work--an entire page filled with writing! It was a big step for a little guy whose imagination is so big that he rarely finishes his assignments instead of staring off into space and daydreaming. I looked at the page, but so many of his words were spelled phonetically (and boy, can first graders be creative with sounding things out!) that I was really at a loss as far as reading it aloud myself went. Instead, I said "Wow, Scott, that's a lot of writing! Would you please read it to me?"

This is where semantics can nip you in the rear, because the response I received was,
"Yeah, I would, only, I can't. You're the one who knows how to read--not me!"