Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Adding to the List

This afternoon as we were getting ready for lunch, one of the first graders tapped my side.
"Mrs. Rulebreaker," she said, still tapping on me, "I need help tying my shoes."
Another girl walked up, put her hands on her hips importantly, and informed the other girl, "Evelyn, it's not Mrs. Rulebreaker, it's Mrs. Rudebaker!"

Not sure how contortions of my name went from sweet and innocent "Blueberry," "Bakery," and "Blue Bagel" to Mrs. Rule Breaker and Rude Baker in a single day!

Also, here's my irony for the day: the same child who asked me during Writer's Workshop this morning how to spell "read" is the same one who corrected my spelling of Webkinz (how would I know it ends with a Z instead of an S? I had to look it up online to make sure I even really knew what a Webkinz was!) But yes, my first graders can spell Bakugan and Webkinz, but not "read."

What a world, what a world!