Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our College Girl, Kate!

I helped my sister Kate move into her new dorm at Azusa Pacific University last week.
She drove down to Rosemead and picked me up at school, and then the two of us drove up to Azusa together to get her registered and set up her new dorm.

Here we are on our way!

To reduce the risk of embarrassing her on her first day, I was forbidden from taking any pictures on campus, which is why I don't have the cliche first day of school pics of her standing in front of APU's sign, or smiling with her new dorm key, or posing in her room. Sad day.

Jesse came and met us at APU and stood in line with us while we waited to get her dorm key. It's so nice that our church is only 5 minutes from Kate's new school! Jesse is excited about being close by whenever Kate needs something. I'm excited about having her within half an hour! (And you can rest assured, Kate, I will be bombarding your dorm on Sundays!)

After we got her all set up in her dorm, she came back and spent the night with us. We had fun teaching her how to play Settlers of Caton and watching her favorite show, The Mentalist. It was a great night! I was bummed to see her go the next morning, but I know that having her this close will mean we will get to see her more often. (Or at least, I HOPE so. We live half an hour away from Jon-the-bum too, but he never comes to see us.) I say it all with love.

Dad, Mom, and Laura came out the next morning with all of Kate's things to officially move her in. I was working at school, so I wasn't able to be there, but Jesse helped and they got things all set.

On their way home, Dad, Mom and Laura came back with Kate and Jesse to our house for an afternoon of "Let's Eat Pizza and Avoid Labor Day Weekend Rush Hour Traffic." It was lots of fun!

The following is a study on Kate and Laura:
I almost didn't include these because they're blackmail-esque, but Laura made a special request. Here you go, Louly! Don't blame me! ♥

These girls are two peas in a pod. I honestly don't know what they'll do without each other! I can't wait til Laura gets her license so that she can come out and visit often!