Monday, July 2, 2012


Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17a

I wish you could see the way my daughter delights in creation.

She loves to be out in nature, crawling around in the grass, picking up leaves and twirling them between her fingers, pointing to birds and clapping as they fly overhead.  Touching every flower she sees and laughing as it dances in her chubby grip.

Every time I take her out to play, I am reminded that my attitude should be more like hers.  Her reaction to nature is the one that puts a smile on God's face.  Don't you think He loves to see us take joy in His creation--His masterpiece?

It's funny to picture a world full of adults stopping to touch every flower they see, or laughing whenever a strong wind makes all of the leaves quiver on their branches.  So we all grow out of this pure joy of nature at some point in our lives.

But I'm promising right now to delight in God's creation with my daughter.  We will laugh at every flower, watch every snail, wave to the clouds and sink to our knees in the warm grass.  I will encourage her to be curious, I will show her that Mommy is in awe of God's creation, too.  I will remind her that she is cherished by a God who loves her enough to create all of this for her.

My love for her reminds me of God's love for all of us.  I can only give to my daughter the beauty that is around us.  But God knew just what would make her giggle over and over again, so He created it.


  1. One of the best parts of being a mom is getting to partake of the wonder of newness all over again.

  2. What a great post. I think the world would be a better place if we could all hold on to child like wonderment and love. They really do show us the way!

  3. Love this post! I love how God's creation shows His handiwork! It amazes me that people can doubt there is a creator!


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