Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What "Forties Dance" Really Means

Last Wednesday, our young adult Bible study group went to a nearby city's Concert in the Park.
Someone from church had given Jesse a pamphlet about it, and we were excited to see that June 27th was the night for "Top '40s Dance."  Awesome, we thought, we love big band music!

Jesse got to the park early so that he could reserve space for all of us, everyone showed up with picnic baskets and blankets, and we settled in for a good evening of our favorite songs.

(We didn't bring our camera that night, so thanks to Greg for providing the pictures!)

Our first tip-off that the evening wasn't going to go as we were expecting was when the group came out on stage.  Two pony-tailed men in leather and cut-offs stood with sunglasses and big smiles while a middle-aged woman strutted to the mic wearing holey jeans and a bikini.

All of the sudden, our hopes of hearing Benny Goodman or Billie Holiday were gone.  Instead, we heard "Live to Tell" by Madonna, something from Spice Girls, and "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog."  We checked the pamphlet we had brought with us and realized that it wasn't 40s music, it was this particular band's 40 favorite songs.  Hmmm!

We still had a great time, though.  Along with spending time with dear old friends, I also got to meet a new-old friend, Stephanie of Eating for the Future!  Stephanie and I have been Etsy and blog friends since the beginning of this year, and even though our guys are childhood friends, she and I had never met.  I was so glad that Stephanie and Dan were able to come to the concert and spend some time with us!

Kayleigh, whose newest hobby is dancing, had a blast showing off her moves to everyone.  She was so cute!

She was happy dancing, crawling around the blankets, and playing with Daddy

Concerts can really wear you out!  ;-)

The night certainly wasn't what we were expecting, but we enjoyed an evening of eclectic music, good friends, and a fun picnic dinner.  It was a great way to celebrate the official beginning of summer!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun misadventure!

  2. It was so much fun getting to meet you and Kaleigh! I'm glad our guys got to reconnect and you and I got to talk for a bit. Thanks so much for inviting us, I can't wait to get together again!

  3. Whoops! That's an amusing mistake... shouldn't it have been called Top 40 Dance instead of 40s?
    At least Kayleigh is cute... and it sounds like you made the best of it.


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