Wednesday, July 18, 2012

God Bless, Dear Friends!

We have this wonderful group of friends

who have been such incredible blessings to us over the past four years.

And today, one of those amazing couples is headed up to Washington to begin their newest adventure.

They have so many wonderful things awaiting them this year!  A new home, a new job, a baby girl...

As excited as I am for them, it's hard to see them go.

So Chris and Jenny, here's to 4 years of memories!

♥ Bible studies
♥ Card games
♥ Camping trips
♥ Potlucks
♥ Line dancing
♥ Painting papier mache animals
♥ Murder Mystery Dinners
♥ Beach trips
♥ Teacher talks
♥ Rock skipping
♥ Crafternoons
♥ Hikes
♥ Cross Country Meets
♥ Biking
♥ Youth events
♥ White Elephant Christmas Parties
♥ Date with God
♥ Baby talk
♥ Singing "Stuck Like Glue" at the top of our lungs
♥ Picnics and BBQs in the park
♥ Mad Libs
♥ Long Group Prayers

We are so thankful for the two of you, and can't wait to see what joys God brings to you in the coming year.  We know He has amazing things in store!

Pencil us in for next summer.  We can't wait to come up and see you!

We miss you already!

Jesse and Bethany
(and Kayleigh)

this one's from your goodbye party on Sunday :)

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  1. Having friends that are far away is hard! One of my good friends moved to Northern California and it's been hard to have her and her family so far away! I know that the Lord will keep you all close, he's great at keeping friends close in heart and spirit even if they aren't physically close :)


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