Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Sunday Kind of Love

Last night, Jesse and I went out on our first date night since Kayleigh was born. We were as giddy as two high schoolers going to prom as we dressed up, dropped Kayleigh off with Kayse and Jon, and headed out for the night.

Where did we spend our first date night?  At the Christmas concert at our alma mater--listening to the orchestra that brought us together.

It was fun to be back at Concordia University.  To see so many dear faces in professors, friends, and staff.  To make up excuses for why we didn't bring our sweet little girl with us.  To walk the paths we've walked so many times in the past, from class to class, game to cafeteria, work to dorm.  To be back in the seats we spent so many nights of worship in.  To hold hands as the lights went dim and relive every note of the music we used to play.

As the last song of the concert began, and the choir members lit their candles to sing Silent Night, the unfamiliar faces of the students who have come there since we graduated faded away, replaced in the warm glow by the friends I remember being in the choir.  Suddenly, there was Becca, and Peter, Nathan, Jon, Jimmy, and a dozen others.  I looked down at the orchestra pit with teary eyes and could picture Jesse sitting there with his sax glittering in the candlelight, surrounded by the friends we spent so much of our time with in our years at Concordia.

Concordia.  So much history.  Our history.

The song ended, and the lights came back on.  The faces of my friends were replaced by fresh young students who had no idea who Jesse or I were, or why this place was so special to us.  And I realized that I don't want that to disappear.

As our  little girl grows up, I want to take her to the Concordia Christmas Concert every year.  I want to tell her the story of why her mommy loves her daddy.  I want her to know our history.

So, last night, I decided that I would start writing it down.  Mostly so I won't forget, mostly for Kayleigh, but also for you--if you care to peek through that window.  Beginning in January, I'll post a bit of our story every Sunday.

It's always so wonderful to go back to the Christmas concert.  To relive those first days of our story.  I'm so thankful for our Sunday kind of love!

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  1. How sweet! I loved reading this post and I'm glad you all enjoyed your date so much. I enjoy going back to Lexington and visiting the places that Addison and I frequented while we were in school.


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