Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry [home] Making Series: Fabric Gift Bags

It's day 3 of my Christmas Craft Series, "Merry [home] Making," and I'm very excited to get to introduce to you my wonderful blog friend, Megan of  The Sandefur Family.  Megan is a sweet and talented woman who is working hard on renovating her home with her husband, Addison.  She shares their day-to-day victories with their house, moments spent with family, and craft endeavors.  She always leaves the sweetest comments on my blog, and is such an encouragement to me! Please be sure to go visit her site and say hi!

 Fabric Gift Bags

I’m Megan from The Sandefur Family and Bethany has asked me to guest post today!  When she contacted me to see if I’d participate in her DIY series I was flattered!

So, today I’m going to share how I make small fabric bags for wrapping jewelry to give as gifts.  My mom suggested that I stitch up these little bags for gift giving earlier in the year and they’ve been a hit!  This project falls on a novice/beginner level and I love the instant gratification!

My favorite thing about this little project is that the bags can be made from scraps of fabric that are on-hand and I don’t have to buy a single thing.  I stack four pieces of fabric together and cut out a rough template.  I cut at least two patterns out at a time to make the process faster.  Since I leave the edges rough, I often come back and trim a second time after the bag has been stitched together to make it look a bit neater.

After the pieces have been cut, pair them and pin in two places to keep them together.

Then stitch around the circular portion of the material to make a small bag, making sure to leave enough room for a hand to slip down inside and retrieve whatever is in the bag.  This is where I trim around the circular portion of the bag a second time to clean it up a bit.

Trim the ties diagonally in opposite directions.

And you’re done!

Easy, right?  If you’ve got the time you can make dozens of these little bags for gift giving.  I've made quite a few this year and love all the possible fabric combinations.  Now go put them under your tree!

Merry Christmas!


  1. I just stumbled across this while looking for gift bag ideas. I love it!


    1. Thanks, Lins! Megan is a sweet and talented blogger, and I was blessed to have her guest post for me :)

      I'm glad you came by!


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