Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm back!
...Mostly, at least. This past week was such a wonderful escape from everything except the love of my husband (OF ONE YEAR!!!) that bits and pieces of me are still floating around the wonderful moments we shared in the beauty of Zion and the Grand Canyon that I don't feel that I've completely returned yet.
It was a wonderful trip. To be chronicled in our shared blog as soon as I get up the energy to sort through the 350 pictures I took and decide which ones I'll post!

Anyway, a little something to share with you...
I just got off the phone with my sister Kate, and something she told me made me smile, and I just had to write it down!

Kate told me that the other night was a "Girls Night" at home since Dad was at work and Jon is still off gallivanting on the Mediterranean Sea. She said that when dinner was all ready to be eaten, Laura came sauntering into the room to join her and Mom, and feeling that something was missing, Kate called up the stairs, "B! Dinner's ready!" Mom and Laura both stared at her before Kate realized that I wasn't there to be called for.

How funny is that? I haven't lived at home for four years now! It touches me though, and I had to share it with you :) It's a wonderful thing to be loved and not forgotten!

I'm so thankful for my siblings. I love them all so much. It's crazy how spread out we are these days. I'm married and living in Rosemead, Jon is abroad cruising through history and art, Kate is preparing to move away to college in the fall, and Laura is away working at camp this month. It must be strange at home for Mom and Dad--this is the emptiest home has been in 20 years!

I sent a care package to Laura today complete with cards from me and Jesse and a stack of photos for her to keep in her room. I loved having "happy thoughts" like that when I first moved to college, and even though her stint isn't as long, it's got to feel the same right now.

Going through old photos on my computer and choosing the ones to print for her, I had a wonderful time walking down memory lane!
Here are some things that made my heart smile:

I don't know how I was so blessed to grow up with such wonderful friends. They're all so silly and fun, but such wonderful comforts, too. I love keeping in touch with them and getting to spend time with them!

Speaking of which, Kate might come stay over next week. I'm excited!