Friday, June 19, 2009

And Summer Begins...

The dead stillness of summer in the valley has not begun yet, and I'm cherishing every cloudy day and wispy little breeze. It won't last for long!

This beach girl has toughened up only a little bit. I'm not looking forward to the heat.

I laugh when I think back to last summer when Jesse and I returned from our honeymoon to a home that got up to 92 degrees regularly when we were out of the house. I was so stubborn last year about using AC! Hopefully I'll be able to take more heat this year and use AC less. Also, I won't be in the house as much for the next few months, so that will probably help our bills, too!

Today is my 3rd day of my summer job. I've spent the last couple months planning for the summer program (at our church, in case I haven't mentioned it before--and this year, I'm the director!) It's been going great so far. We've made a lot of changes this year, and I think it's really going to help :)

I love the girls I'm working with. Sara and Mia work the School Age Care all school year. They're the sweetest, most responsible girls, no one would have ever guessed that they're only 18! And I'm really happy that my friend, Leanna, from Concordia is joining our staff this year. We're going to have a blast!

We're off the the Griffith Observatory today. Wish me luck!

Funny story I have to share, though: yesterday, since this week is Space Week, we made spaceships out of toilet paper rolls and decorated them. As the kids were working on them, I asked them, "If you could take your spaceship anywhere in outerspace, what planet would you visit?"

Maxx, one of the 1st graders in our program, replied thoughtfully "I think I'd go to Canada!"