Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funny story

I really will have to begin a blog one of these days just for my funny kid stories! There are so many, and working with such a diverse group of kids this summer promises that I will have many, many more!

This one just cracked me up.

We have had a huge influx of jr. highers this year. Last year, we only had one jr. higher, and I felt so bad for him because everyone else was in 3rd grade and lower. This year, we have about six, though. I really enjoy having them around. They're a big help with the younger ones (most of the time) and they bring an entirely new element to the summer gang.

We walked to the library on Tuesday to watch a wild animal show Glendora Public Library was hosting. Two of the soon-to-be 7th grade girls were walking next to me and complaining about being "forced" to go on such a long walk when it was so hot outside. I was just telling them to be patient and that it would all be worth it when suddenly, Glendora High School's cross country team went running past us. Both girls stopped in the middle of the sidewalk with their jaws to the floor watching all the sweaty, shirtless guys pass them in the street.

"Oh, Miss Bethany!" They both gushed, "we should do this EVERY day!"

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  1. hahaha oh my goodness! that is hilarious. I remember being boy crazy too. :)


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