Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Funny Sub Story

I completely forgot to share this story with you last week!
Last Wednesday, I subbed for Hope (our church school). While I was out watching K-4 during recess, Mandy, one of the 4th graders came up to me.
"Hi Mrs. Brubaker," she said. She played with a water bottle in her hands as she peered up at me. "Do you know Jesse?
Thinking she had forgotten, I decided to tease her. I bit my lip and asked "no, who's that?"
"Oh..." Mandy's gaze dropped to the woodchips she was kicking with her shoe. "Well, he's the DCE here, and his last name is Brubaker too! I thought he might be your son." And with that, she trotted off across the playground.