Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Woof, Moo, Baa

On Thursday, Kayse, Stacey, and I took our girls to the county fair to see the animals.

 When we walked into the barn,  Kayleigh got SO excited when she saw the cows.
 "Woof, woof!" She called to them from the other side of the fence. 
"No, Kayleigh," I told her, "Cows say 'Moo.'" We practiced together until she was mooing at the cows, and then we walked over to the sheep.

"Woof, woof!" She tried again. 

Once again, I corrected her. "No, Kayleigh, sheep say 'Baa.'" So we practiced and soon she was saying "Baa."

I was pretty proud of my little girl for picking things up so quickly.

...And then we walked up to the pigs.

Kayleigh clapped her hands excitedly, pointed to the pigs, and said, "MOO-BAA!!!"


  1. So sweet! Hannah doesn't have much of a vocabulary still

  2. My brother's gf raises moo-baas... I am excited to take Ivan to visit them :-)

    1. Haha! He will love them :) And if you tell him that's what they're called, he'll grow up even more confused than Kayleigh!!! ;-)

  3. So funny! I think we might go to the LA County fair next year - our fair in Antelope Valley can get a little iffy at times haha. Love K's hair piece - did you make it?

  4. What am I doing with my head in that picture, lol? Love this post, and love our trips with our girls! :)


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