Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swings and Smiles

Kayleigh and I had a wonderful afternoon.

We met a friend and her two little boys at a park after lunch, and spent a few hours enjoying the beautiful spring  weather.  Kayleigh can't do quite as many things as the active little one year old and three year old boys did, but she enjoyed watching them play in the woodchips and would nibble on a shovel or bucket when it was handed to her.  Her eyes really lit up whenever the boys came near.  She just loves "playing" with other kids!

Brecken and her boys headed home before we did, so I took the opportunity to take some pictures of Kayleigh in the sunshine.  I think more trips to the park are in order!  I loved how much she loved our time outside today.

Kayleigh's first time in a swing!  She loved it.  I knew she would, since she loves it when we swing her around in our arms.  She's fearless.  And tons of fun :)

Every little detail about today was just beautiful

Especially that happy little smile on my sweet girl's face!

I hope you all are enjoying some lovely weather this week, too!

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  1. It's beautiful here in Phoenix! And your little girl's legs are long!


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