Monday, March 12, 2012

Featured on The Mama Diaries

Back in December, as my friend Kayse and I were making baby hand print ornaments and talking about Christmas gifts for our husbands, she mentioned that a brand-new blog was looking for moms to include in a parenting survey.  Even though my "experience" only went back about three months, I offered to put in my two cents as well.
Jeannette sent me the survey, I filled it out, and she wrote me back with a thank you and "I'll post it on my blog on March 7th."

Fast forward to March 12th.


I really need to start putting my calendar to use so that I can keep on top of things like this!

When I quickly clicked over to this morning, I was surprised to see that my answers hadn't just been taken into account, but that they had been shared in full on her blog.  Wow!  So some of it is not quite as well-worded as I probably would have been careful to do if I had realized that I wasn't just going into an anonymous pile, but now that I better understand what Jeannette's blog is about, I'm honored to be part of it and excited to read about other mamas.  Isn't it fun to learn about different parenting styles and get ideas from more experienced moms?  I love it!

So, if you're curious to read about what motherly thoughts flutter around in my head, hop on over to Bethany on The Mama Diaries

Thanks, Jeannette, for putting together a wonderful place to learn and grow together!

Jeannette is always looking for more mamas, so if you would like to share your thoughts with her, read this and then write to her!  Be sure to say hi :)

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