Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I need to call him and tell him not to call me because I lost my phone, but I can't...

....because I lost my phone.

Don't you love it when your brain works like that?

The silliest thing happened to me last night!

When I pulled into our driveway last night, I was especially careful to park as close to our neighbor's bushes as I could so that Jesse would have room to pull the trash cans past the car when he got home.  As soon as I opened the car door, I realized I had really parked too close, because I could barely open my door wide enough to squeeze out!  I had a lot of things to carry, so I held them all close to me as I wiggled out of the car and squeaked along between the car and the bushes.  When I reached to close the car door behind me, I heard a thud and knew that I had dropped my cell phone.  That poor thing gets dropped more often than Donald Trump gets to say, "You're fired!"

After I had opened the front door and set down my armload of things, I walked back out into the darkness to find my phone.  Tough cookies.  It was pitch black, and I couldn't see the phone anywhere.  If only I could call it so that I could see the screen light up in the midst of our neighbor's crazy overgrown bushes!  But...I didn't have anything else to call it with (we don't have a home phone).

I even brought out our flashlight, but it was no use.  I couldn't find it.  It was too cold to wait outside for the offchance that Jesse might call me to tell me he was on his way home.

I headed inside, but felt bad, because I knew Jesse would be worried if I didn't answer the phone when he called me.  My phone is an attachment of me!  I always have it within arm's reach.

I kept thinking "I just need to call him and tell him not to call me because I lost my phone.  Ack!  That doesn't work!"

So I went inside and sat in defeat until I heard Jesse's car come up the driveway.

I bounded out the door with the flashlight to kiss my hero and have him find my phone.

My hero met me at the door with a bouquet of tulips.

What a guy!

He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see the tulips.

Apparently, he was going to hide them and give me one tulip each day til Valentine's Day.

Such a sweetheart!

Well, he found my phone as soon as he called it, and now there's a beautiful vase of tulips in our bedroom reminding me that I have a man who loves me enough to do anything for me.  I love him so much!


  1. I hate when that happens! We don't have a home phone either. It's an unnecessary expense, but at times like that you wish you had a home phone so you could find the cell!

  2. hahah - that's great! and you're so right! im so thankful for guys like that. we're just blessed i guess ;)


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