Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Crazy Times

My goodness, what a crazy few days this week has had already!

Thanks for your many prayers for Jesse and for my first day at my new job.

Jesse is healing slowly but surely, and I'm truly thankful for that!

Monday went very well for me.  The kids in my class are very cute, and I'm excited to get to be with them and to use Hought0n-Mifflin curriculum, which I love!  Even though it's a Pre-K classroom, they use all Kindergarten curriculum.  I'm very familiar with Houghton-Mifflin's Kindergarten curriculum since I used it for three months as a sub last year.  It's so nice to use something I already know very well!

Jesse stayed home from work on Monday, which I was thankful for.  Poor guy, he really did get hit with every symptom on the planet.  Fever, congestion, sore throat, queasiness, body aches, and exhaustion.  No fun!

I wasn't expecting it to hit me so hard, too, but by the time I got home on Monday night, my throat was sore and scratchy, and within two hours, I was throwing up.  I couldn't keep anything down--food, water, gatorade...for 12 straight hours, everything that went into my body came back up again.

Jesse packed me up on Tuesday morning (after calling the school and telling them that I couldn't come in) and took me to Urgent Care.  I was so dehydrated by the time that the doctor saw me, that she hooked me up to an IV and had me rest for the 3.5 hours it took for all of the fluids to pump into my body.

Thankfully, it really is just a nasty strain of the flu, and I don't have an infection or anything really serious, but it is still no fun.  I have no voice, I've had a fever for the last 24 hours, and I'm so congested that I keep getting dizzy from lack of oxygen.

Thankfully, the doctor wrote a note excusing me from work for 3 days.  Still, I can't really imagine getting out of bed and going to work on Friday.

What a great way to begin my new job, huh?  Not exactly the "first impression" I'd like to leave them with.  Hopefully I can feel well enough on Friday that I can step up to the task and show them that it was not a mistake to hire me!

In the meantime, I'm going to get lots of rest...


  1. I am sorry you both have had a crummy week of sickness! That's no fun!

    I was thinking about you guys and one of the few healthy valentines days you had, when we had the dce intern midyear conference and you came and surprised Jesse with staying at that hotel. I remember being so envious (in only the kindest way, of course!) because my Jesse and I were only dating and couldn't stay in a hotel together! Anyways, last weekend we did end up going to a hotel in Anaheim for our valentine celebration, and on the way up there I was thinking about that!

    Hope you are both recovered soon, and so excited for you and your new job! Praying it is great, once you get well!

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