Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Historical "Whoops!"



I had a stupid moment at the preschool yesterday.  One that as soon as I said it, I wished I could suck the words right back into my mouth so that no one would hear what I had said.  I need more sleep.  Oh!

I've been subbing all week at a preschool 10 minutes from my house.  The city that it's in is primarily Asian, so 99% of the kids there are either Chinese, Japanese, or Vietnamese.

A sweet Japanese family was dropping off their little boy with me first thing yesterday morning, and they chatted brightly with each other in their native tongue while they put his lunch and his blanket in his cubby.

"I wasn't here yesterday," The little guy bounded over to me and wrapped his hands around my leg, "I was on a trip!"

"Oooh," I said, sounding impressed, "Where did you go?"
"Mommy and Daddy and I went to the Long Beach Aquarium.  And then, we had dinner on the Queen Mary."

"The Queen Mary?  That ship is very special to my family," I said, (and here's the dumbest thing I've said all week:) "It's very special to us because my grandfather came back to America on the Queen Mary after World War II!"


I'm now insisting on a regular bedtime.