Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tweet Tweet!

Happy Homemaker Me has moved to a new level:  twitter!

I still feel pretty shaky on these new legs, but I'd love for you to hop over and help me out!


Don't you love it?  HappyHomemakerME is one character too many.  When I originally signed up, it said, "Welcome, HappyHomemakerm!"  And I was so confused.  Did I actually miss the "e" when I was signing up?  Oh No!!!

But no matter how many times I tried to correct it, the e wouldn't show up.  Oh well.  Hopefully HappyHomemakerB isn't too hard to remember, since I am Bethany after all!

If you have a twitter account, please let me know!  I feel pretty measley with just 3 people to follow right now.  I'd love to add you!

And I'd really appreciate any support in figuring this whole thing out!

Apparently, I'm a very wordy gal!  140 characters?  That's IT?!?



p.s. I have the day off today!  Which is wonderful since I'm sick and wouldn't be much good to anyone anyway, but I'm excited just the same.  My goals for the day:

♥ Create at least 5 items to put on Etsy

♥ Do some laundry

♥ Write at least one handwritten letter

♥ Do some reading

♥♥♥Drink lots of tea (that's not quite a goal of mine as much as it is Dr. Handsome Man's orders :-) )

Have a wonderful day!


  1. I'd check you out on Twitter except that I'm not ready to venture in to that world!

    I love that your husband makes you drink tea when you're sick. Mine does too! I'm not usually a big tea drinker but he's always making me tea when I'm sick.

  2. It's a scary twitter world out there, Bonnie! I'm not really sure what I'm doing.
    I'm really trying to build my blog though, and it seems everyone's using twitter these days. My friend Nathan, who developed my site, pretty much led me through it yesterday while I covered my eyes with my hands. It was kind of funny!
    When/if you do venture into twitter, let me know! Maybe I'll be more experienced by then :-)

  3. i have a twitter! i think it's staceystover? i can't remember. :) clearly, i don't use it very often!! i grabbed the name just in case i decided i wanted one later!


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