Saturday, November 6, 2010

Calling All Camera Pros!

I'm so excited.  Jesse and I have been saving up for months and months to get a new camera.  The one we have right now is from my sophomore year of high school, and it's a dinosaur of digital point-and-shoots!

Our family has been giving us money on our birthdays to go toward a new camera, and we're finally there!  We're planning on saving even more by waiting until Black Friday.

Buuuuuuuuuut...we need recommendations.  We really want a Digital SLR, but we have no experience with them and don't really know what to look for.

That's where you come in.  So many of you, my sweet blogger friends, take beautiful pictures that make me gasp, sigh, name it, I've done it :-)

I've heard from many people that the Nikon D60 is the one to go for, but other people say the Canon Rebel is just as good (and much cheaper!)  Does it all really just come down to the lens you use?

What do you have?
What would you recommend we look for specs-wise when choosing a camera?
Anything you did that you would do differently if you had the opportunity?

Jesse and I are planning to enroll in a digital photography class in the Spring.  Talk about Date Night!  ;-)
We can't wait for a new camera and all of the new opportunities it will bring!

Send me your wisdom!


  1. My dad and Tyler's sister both have rebels (albeit different models) and loove them... Bailey got hers at walmart and the bundle comes with a bunch of extra stuff for $400!

    Have you looked at They have really great reviews of different cameras...

    Good luck! I'm still waiting for my dad to upgrade and give me his... :)

  2. That is so exciting! I love cameras! My sister is getting her Masters in Photography and swears by anything Canon.

  3. oh my gosh! i would loveeee a camera like that. i can't wait to see your pretty pictures!


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