Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Funny Memory

One of my favorite blogs to read is Amanda Maguire's Married to a Youth Pastor.
She's down to earth.  She gets it.  She knows that being married to a youth pastor isn't all rainbows and daisies.  I go to her site when I need a laugh, and she  always reminds me that I'm not the only one!

This week, Amanda asked her readers to post the time we've had the most inappropriate giggles.  I remembered the first time that Jon came to church with us, and it made me laugh.  I thought I'd share that laugh with you :-)

I grew up in a small reformed church, but when I went to college and married a handsome Lutheran, I became a Lutheran. The first time that my brother came to visit me and come to church with us, it was a communion Sunday. At our church growing up, the elders passed plates of bread and wine across the pews and each communicant member took one. At the church where my husband is the youth pastor, elders usher members up to the altar to receive from the pastor. Since I’m not big about having anyone put food in my mouth, I put my hands out in front of me so that our pastor will put the wafer in my palm instead.

When we walked up and knelt at the altar that day, I motioned to my brother (who had never experienced communion this way) to put his hands out like I was. When the pastor came by with the bread and saw Jon’s outstretched hands, he went to put the bread in his hands. I’m not sure what Jon thought his hands were supposed to do, because he opened his mouth and followed Pastor’s hand trying to eat the bread all the way down to his outstretched palms.  He looked so ridiculous trying to eat out of Pastor’s hand that I went into full, body-shaking laughter.

Up at the altar.

In front of 300 people.

I couldn’t compose myself and had to walk back to our pew still gasping for air.

Siiiiighh….what a great first impression of the new Youth Pastor’s wife!!!!