Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Year Summed up in Statuses

We've been without internet for a week at our house, and I'm dying to blog with pictures of our recent doings. I'll catch up this weekend (hopefully--if stupid AT&T; gets their act together!) But for now, here is what I can do: sum up my year using statuses I put on facebook.

♥ Bethany...made caramel apples with Jesse tonight--yum!
♥ ...knows there's a cricket in this house somewhere...
♥ not wild about 5am
♥ counting down. 8 more days of student teaching!
♥ so over student teaching. grrr.
♥ in her last week of student teaching!
♥ a baking fiend.
♥...loves the sound of rain on the roof.
♥ being blessed by the truest Samaritan
♥ sick of being sick.

♥...not only survived her first day of substituting, but loved it!
♥...loves playing Scrabble with Jesse when it's pouring outside and there's a fire going in the hearth ♥
♥ amazed that there is so much hail on the ground that it looks like snow!
♥ making soap and valentines
♥ a surprise visit from her daddy today!
♥...loves her guy
♥...taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade physical science, life science, geography, powerpoint, and algebra today...and now my brain hurts!
♥ excited that her sisters are coming this weekend!
♥ eating pink grapefruit and working on an internet assignment.
♥...does not appreciate finding cat hair in her grapefruit.


♥...thought I was bleeding until I realized that I had tomato sauce on my forehead. (?)
♥ getting ready to spend her morning in line at the DMV (blah)
♥...was so proud of shopping during the 8 hour sale at Alberstons...but totally missed that it doesn't begin until 1!
♥ feeling crafty
♥ excited about a weekend of family and old friends
♥...feels like it's way too early to be this late. (silly daylight savings...)
♥ decoupaging while cookies bake
♥...Bethany is wearing PINK today!
♥ getting ready to say goodbye to Jesse for a week... :'(
♥...all by me onesy
♥ looking for fun St Patty's class activities to make subbing fun tomorrow :)
♥ living the life...pjs, tea, crochet, and best friend!
♥ heading to San Bernardino to hang out with my mom-in-law!
♥ blissfully happy that her handsome guy is HOME!!!
♥...heading to Ventura this afternoon to see Laura perform!
♥ cooling down from a great work out and gearing up to do spring cleaning
♥...loves dancing to love songs from the 40's & 50's while house cleaning


♥ baby sister is 16 today!
♥ harping away
♥...Worthy is the Lamb whose death makes me His own!
♥...Christo anesti!
♥ doing a dance of triumph around her car after replacing the brake light all by herself!
♥...can replace a car bulb, but wishes she could replace brakes, radiators, and oil filters, because that's what the mechanic is billing her for today (OUCH!)
♥ baking on a sugar hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
♥...feels like the week kind of did.
♥...misses the beach
♥ listening to hymns on pandora
♥ excited to polish the heirloom silver my mother-in-law just gave me
♥ itching for a vegetable garden
♥ winding down from the craziest subbing day ever.
♥ thankful that Jesse loves her (even when she's grumpy) ♥
♥...has an exciting afternoon ahead of her: 5 loads of laundry???
♥ excited to surprise Jesse with two days of spending time with Max before we take him to his new home
♥ helping my mother-in-law move today (and is *ecstatic* that my flower seedlings sprung up over night!!!)


♥...singing with Ella Fitzgerald and getting ready for a trip to see my family!
♥...spent the afternoon up to my elbows in dirt (and am excited about growing tomatoes, strawberries, and cucumbers!)
♥ has a porch full of posies as well as a patio packed with produce (points for alliteration, possibly?) :)
♥ cleaning up after a lovely Mother's Day celebration at our house...and praying that Jesse and Jon don't blow the house up while installing a ceiling fan...
♥ planning our anniversary trip! ♥
♥ excited that Jesse will be home for dinner for the first time this week! Hmmmmmm...what to make, what to make... :)
♥...Congrats to all the CUI graduates! I'm there with you in heart! (and subbing for one of your moms so that she can be there!) :)
♥...surprise date night? what?!?! :)
♥...isn't sure what disturbed me more: Jesse's face as he snatched a slice of bread out of my hand, or realizing that I just bit into moldy bread.
♥...spent the day with my sister Kate at APU getting her all set for the fall. So excited that she'll be nearby!
♥ marinating steak
♥...nothing like breakfast in bed with your husband and mimosas! ♥
♥...loves days like this
♥...has her new swimsuit, and new sleeping bag, and is all set for our anniversary trip!!!
♥ tuckered out


♥...lost two games of monopoly to Jesse this weekend and is hiding the game board.
♥ off celebrating my 1st anniversary with that handsome husband of mine. Back to the real world on June 9th!
♥...had an amazing trip with Jesse, and is happy to be home ♥
♥ picking all the M&Ms; out of the trailmix.
♥...just got a Senior Citizen offer from Sunset Magazine???
♥ blog blog blogging
♥...Has a wonderful day ahead, but still doesn't want to get out of bed!
♥ obsessed with lavender
♥ laughing that Kate thought we wrote the "3 cornered hat" song when we were kids :)
♥ spending the day in Hollywood with Kate
♥...first day of summer job!
♥...last day of VBS...then life can resume!
♥ sick, but has the most wonderful husband in the world who draws baths for me while he cleans house! ♥ ♥ ♥


♥ happy about so many things
♥...picked my very first tomato from my plant today :)
♥ loving this Sunday! Just made lemonade with my handsome guy and now we're getting ready to sit down for an all american meal: grilled steak, corn on the cob, baked beans, and rolls :)
♥ cleaning house. if you don't hear from me within 2 hours, assemble a rescue party!
♥...gave up on cleaning a while ago and blogged instead :-D


♥ enjoying an afternoon of absolute r e s t
♥ laptop is resting on a cookie cooling rack so it doesn't overheat and crash for the bazillionth time.
♥...just finished The Giver...and is loving the challenge of reading all the Newbery Awards!
♥ to my Papa Don's 80th birthday party...after sleeping (?) on the floor of our church with high schoolers overnight.
♥...just woke, this morning feels like yesterday!
♥...can actually see the flames from our house. wow!
♥ loved ♥<
br />♥ truly blessed by amazing friends!


♥...can add "Mrs. Bakery," "Mrs. Rudabager," "Mrs. Rule Breaker," and "Mrs. Rude Baker" to my list of name contortions. Yay for first grade subbing :)
♥...just dropped my cellphone in the bathtub. Ooops...
♥ enjoying a quiet night at home
♥ spending the afternoon with her sister ♥
♥ feeling oh-so-productive in a not-priorities-first kind of way.
♥...loves, loves, loves her guy ♥
♥...loves cuddling up and watching Fiddler on the Roof
♥ learning how to line dance :)
♥...totally loves that one of her first graders broke out singing the "Numa Numa" song during math time yesterday... :)
♥ Papa Chuck is in the hospital...please pray for him!
♥...farewell, 22!
♥...Yay for free Dland entry on your birthday! :)
♥ happy that Jesse had a great time at the dce conference, but is sooo ready for him to come home! hours away...


♥ driving up to spend this weekend with family :)
♥..."Mrs. Brubaker, hugging you is like hugging a tree!"
♥...saying goodbye to my first graders today :( But thank you, Lord, for an amazing 7 weeks!
♥ annoyed with her neighbor's alarm clock for going off for over an hour, but only mostly because it's rarely on beat with my music.
♥ driving up to celebrate my Papa Chuck's 85th birthday!
♥...line dancing was cancelled tonight...all the sudden, there's a world of possibilties!
♥...hello, Autumn!
♥ baking up a storm for tonight's Jr. High Halloween Party (and trying not to eat it all before it gets there!)
♥...oh. my. gosh. jr highers are crazy!!! but tonight was a lot of fun :)
♥ excited about going to Oak Glen tomorrow with her handsome man!


♥...ohhh...beloved, restful Sundays!
♥...had breakfast in Derby, Kansas yeserday, lunch in Oklahoma City, got an ice cream cone in Shamrock, Texas, ate dinner in Tucumcari, New Mexico, and grabbed a midnight snack in Needles, Arizona. My, what a trip! But ohhhhhhh, it's sweet to be home :)
♥...saw a car dealership sign yesterday that said "If Your Not Buying Your Car Here Your Paying Too Much!" and it's been driving me CRAZY ever since.
♥ itchin' to make something yummy in the kitchen. That boy will never want to leave home again! ♥
♥...sitting on hold and listening to Beatles music! Even though I'm calling with a complaint, Kitchenaid automatically gets a gold star
♥...pumpkin pie for breakfast
♥, I was just at the grocery store, and as a man passed me in the aisle, he tipped his hat, smiled, and said "Have a happy Thanksgiving, Miss America."
♥...So much to be thankful for...Happy Thanksgiving!

♥ preparing for tomorrow night's Advent by Candlelight (and having lots of fun) :)
♥...loves the man who spent his day doing laundry and yardwork ♥
♥...loves the ancient Thermador heater in our bathroom, and listening to big band Christmas music while getting ready in the morning
♥...loves decorating for Christmas with the one she loves!
♥...spent $40 at Macys today and saved $60. That is my kind of shopping!!
♥ night! ♥
♥...grr...stupid strings popping when I've got two gigs this weekend!
♥...loves being heartily involved in two schools and being enveloped in their portrayals of the beautiful story of Advent
♥...just took a "half hour nap" that turned into two and a half hours!
♥...loves hosting the annual high school Christmas white elephant exchange/party at our house. Enough laughs for a week!
♥...gets to hide in the lectern and watch the elementary Christmas program from behind tonight (while dutifully shhh-ing kids and feeding lines) :)
♥...just spent 2.5 hours on a bus with 67 kids. And it was the driver's first day!
♥...baked cookies and pies by candlelight last night while good old Edison was working on the neighborhood power lines. 12 hours of no electricity was certainly an experience!
♥...totally just met Margaret O'Brien!
♥...laughs that the automated juror message warns that "the temperature in the courtroom can be unpredictable, so dress accordingly."
♥ HAPPY!!! They let us all go home at 12 :) I can think of more exciting ways to spend Christmas break than in a Los Angeles courtroom jury box!
♥...what a beautiful testimony of God's grace--Papa Chuck became a Christian on Sunday, and went home to be with his Savior Creator yesterday. John 11:25-27