Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today's Laugh

I can't believe I forgot to write this down!

Last week, the 4/5 graders took a Social Studies test on early American history. One of the short answer questions asked, "What brought the Spanish to the Americas? What brought the African peoples to the Americas?"

The correct answer would have been something like, "The Spanish came to the Americas in search of gold, land, and wealth. The African peoples were brought to the Americas to works as slaves."

The student answer which gave me the biggest smile simply said "boats and boats."

Another favorite moment:

During a Language Arts lesson, I was teaching the kids how to use comparative language (more/most). Making sure that they didn't overuse it (i.e. "That was more better"), I gave them several examples to practice with.

"Who can tell me w
hat's wrong with this sentence," I asked, "'Did you know that cats are the most popularest pets in the United States?'"

JJ popped his hand up and said quickly, "It's wrong because cats aren't--dogs are!"