Monday, July 27, 2009

Favorite Quotes for the Day

These aren't actually from today, but it's the first chance I've had since to breathe!

We took the kids to the OC Fair last Thursday (it's free for kids on Thursdays, pass it on!). Here are some moments that made me smile:

Walking through the 4H section of the livestock area, one of my 7 year olds ran up to me. "Miss Bethany! I just had a staring contest with that rabbit over there, and the rabbit won!!"

We stopped at "Noah's Ark," a small booth where christian volunteers told children stories from the Bible. It actually was a small wooden ark (pretty cool, but way too small for me!), so I waited outside until the kids all came out. As we were walking away, one of our six year olds tucked his hand into mine and said "I'm so glad God gave me the goooooood love!"

And then, in the car on the way home, I overheard one 7 year old telling the rest of the kids in my car, "When God created cars, He made the white ones first. That's why there's more of them."

Check our shared blog for a crazy story about our trip home from the fair!