Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Simple joys of today...

♥ Working the early shift today (7am--3:30) and feeling like there's still an entire day ahead of me

♥ Tomatoes from my garden in my salad at lunch

♥ Making apple pie with my youngsters at church this afternoon (and seeing the pride on their faces as they ate it!)

♥ Finishing reading my 10th Newbery Award book--76 to go!

♥ A rare valley breeze moving gently through this warm little house

♥ The scent of my vanilla candles just from the heat of the day

♥ Knowing that Jesse will be home before midnight tonight

♥ The energy to contemplate baking cookies or cinnamon buns in a few minutes

♥ Picturing Jesse's face when he walks in to yummy smells from the kitchen

♥ Quilting on the couch while watching Jeopardy

♥ Knowing that life is so much better when focusing on the good things in life!

♥ Thank you, Lord, for Joy, Peace, and Love! ♥

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