Saturday, November 29, 2008

Decorating for Thanksgiving!

I blogged about Thanksgiving on our other blog, but here is where I get to share all of my fun in preparing for it!

This was the table I set out for desserts. I filled our hurricane candles with cinnamon potpourri and set them on top. Here are my two apple pies...

I found some miniature fall leaf cookie cutters and had a lot of fun adding leaf motifs to my pies.

Our pretty table! (Not exactly the 14 serving pieces Martha Stewart suggested, but I decided to blend proper with practical)

I had a lot of fun creating the centerpiece. Actually, it was a true team effort! Jesse carved out the pumpkin for me, and I arranged the flowers.

It's so much fun to prepare for holidays!


  1. Bethany, your pies look perfect!

  2. That looks wonderful. I don't know why people dread hosting Tday, isn't it wonderful? And those pies are amazing! I get kudos all the time on my apple pie but I've never attempted lattice top of any sort! I have enough trouble getting a crust so it won't crumble when you serve.


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