Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Third Grader's Christmas Letter to Santa

One of the assignments I gave to my third graders last week was to write their very first persuasive letter--one to Santa Claus.
Most of the letters were from children asking for the newest PsP or Nintendo DS. This, is by far my favorite of the ones that I graded. Just had to share it with you!

Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl. So I would like this very special Christmas present from you and your elves. I would like a lot of things from you, but I would mostly like you to work your magic and please get me two front teeth.
If I don't have two front teeth, no one will stop laughing at me. I won't haev my teeth for a long time, and nobody is nice to me about my two front teeth. My gums look too funny to not laugh at. I can't chew fast so I am always last at the table.
Santa Claus, if you don't give me two front teeth, I can't have healthy teeth because when I brush my teeth, it hurts my sensitive gums. People laugh at me when they see toothpaste stuck on my gums. I cut myself when I eat with a pointy fork.
Santa Claus, if you just won't give me the present, I will hear people keep saying it's not the style. When I'm wearing blue clothes, my red gums don't match. My gums aren't cool.
Santa Claus, is all your reindeer excited about Christmas? Does your reindeer have no front teeth? Can the reindeer chew well without teeth?
Sincerely, Braelyn

Merry Christmas!