Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mama Bear


I have fully morphed into Mama Bear mode.

I'm hibernating...

I'm eating more than usual...

I'm nesting...

and I'm LOVING it!


I'm so thankful that I stopped working when I did.  I was in so much pain from being on my feet for 8 hours a day (and not just on my feet, but bending low to care for preschoolers and all of their needs!) that I made it as far as I could.  But now that I'm at home, I've felt progressively better every day.  What a relief!

Everyone says to just "walk that baby out," but I was in so much pain that walking hurt with every step.  Today was the first day that I woke up and thought, "I could walk a mile today!  Let's go!"

God is good :-)


Today, I'm 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant.  I really wasn't sure how I would feel about reaching my due date with no baby in sight.  I thought I would have a hard time with it.  Jesse and I were both the first kids in our families, and we both came early.  I guess I was hoping the same for Kayleigh.  But surprisingly, I'm totally at peace.  She's happy in my little luxury resort, I guess.  And I'm ok with that.  I want her to grow  and come when she's ready.  Our doctors have told us that they won't let us go over 41 weeks, so that means that there is a max of 8 days before we get to meet Kayleigh.  I'm really hoping not to be induced, so I'm praying that she decides to make her entrance soon.


Her room is all set, our bags are by the door,

we're ready for our little girl.

Come, Kayleigh, come!


  1. Oh Bethany, I am SO excited for you! Your place of food looks nourishing and yum! Your little family has been in my prayers, just one more week to go! I can't wait to see pictures!!! :)

  2. So excited for you, Bethany!! I know it's hard to wait. :) Ben was born at 39 weeks and 6 days, but Natalie had been born at 36 weeks, 6 days, so those extra 3 weeks were torture!! I'll be praying for you! Can't wait to hear the news!

  3. What a delicious plate of food you have! Glad you are enjoying this time and praying Kayleigh comes at just the right time! Would you be excited if you two share a birthday?

    Hope she comes soon - I am feeling anxious and excited for you guys (I keep on checking your facebook for updates, haha) so I can only imagine what it's like for you! :)

  4. You're back!!! I've missed your posts and am all caught up now. The things your students said were hilarious. You need to submit those to a magazine or something ;)

    I also loved the Mommy basket - such a cute idea!

    I can't believe it is so close. Please try to take a picture of your tummy before the little one comes out and you are "skinny again" (haha to quote that little smarty pants.

    Praying for your and your family


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