Monday, April 5, 2010

Doing a Happy Dance

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!
I will definitely be blogging about ours later, but I had to share my exciting news!  I received a wonderful and very unexpected gift on Easter--a new laptop!

My poor old laptop was four years old and was at the point where it would overheat and crash every few minutes.  It was so frustrating that I basically gave up on using it, so blogging had to wait until Jesse was home from work with his computer (when I wanted to be spending time with him instead of the computer!).  Needless to say, it's taken a dive.

Jesse and I participated in a Murder Mystery Dinner at church last weekend where we both acted parts to make a play for the congregation.  Mom made me a beautiful gown for the event, and Ami (my dad's mom) has been asking my mom when I would be sending them pictures from the night.  Mom had to explain to Ami that my computer was too old and was really making me unable to put pictures on it these days. 

I'm not exactly sure what all transpired after that, but yesterday when I went to visit Ami, she gave me a box with a beautiful brand new HP Pavilion!

I was so surprised by such an incredible gift that I didn't know what to say.  My sweet oldfashioned Ami (the one who doesn't know how to check her voicemail or turn on the computer Papa used) smiled brightly and said she knew how important a good computer is.  Especially if--Lord willing--I have a teaching job in the fall.  Bless her!

I'm so thankful.  It's silly how much people depend on computers these days, but it's true that it's really difficult to get by without one.  The computer is so beautiful--and so high tech compared to what I was using!

I'll be gone pretty much all of this week (Easter break!), and of course, the one day I am here, I don't have the camera cord to upload pictures from all of our recent doings! 

I'm looking forward to playing catch-up, though :)