Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aper Foos!

Today is April 1st.  I had to explain to the kindergarteners yesterday what that meant. 
I also had to explain that on April Fool's Day, we can play jokes on each other, but we have to make sure that our tricks do not hurt our friends' feelings or our friends' bodies.
The concept is pretty lost on them, anyway. 
"Mrs. Broomaker, the sky is blue! Apee Ful!"

It's cute, anyway, and it makes me think back to the good old days...

When I was about 7, my friends and I would prank call each other all the time.  It didn't even have to be April for us to scream with laughter after the prank was realized and shout out "April Fool!"

"Hello, is this Emily Dinwiddie? Oh.  Is your refridgerator running?  ....well, you'd better run and catch it!"

"Hello, this is Ronnie MacDonald from the pig farm.  Just wanted to let you know, your order of 20 pigs will be delivered to your front door in half an hour."

Once, we spent an entire afternoon calling our friend's house with fake pizza orders.

It's amazing our mothers kept us.

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  1. yeah, you can't do the whole phone thing nowadays with caller ID and all unless you call from a blocked number, but even then they're not likely to answer it!


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