Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. As a young girl, I loved ketchup so much that I would eat it straight out of the packets. I can’t touch the stuff anymore.
2. I’ve always thought of myself as an avid gardener, but the dead plants around our house will attest to the opposite.
3. I rarely ever watch the news. When I do, I am riveted to the screen and then get very depressed about the world.
4. I’m obsessed with candles.
5. There are more unfinished projects in my craft closet than anything I’ve ever completed.
6. I’m a total craft junkie.
7. Back in high school, I wrote tons of poetry and received several awards.
8. I love the beauty of snow, but I would hate to live in it.
9. I’ve got a mean roundhouse.
10. When we were little, my siblings and I would put underwear on our heads and pretend that we were robbers (my mom has photographic evidence).
11. I always loved the idea of the “campus atmosphere” I would enjoy at college. But then I worked full time the whole way through and really missed out on most of it.
12. I can’t leave the house without tidying it first.
13. If I could afford it, I would totally be an organic, health-foods-only shopper.
14. I have donated my hair twice to Locks of Love.
15. I love flip flops, and I’m obsessed with socks. Don’t worry, I don’t wear them at the same time!
16. I cannot handle mold. It freaks me out, and I can’t even check things in my own refrigerator.
17. I can crochet while reading a magazine.
18. If someone starts laughing during a solemn situation, I lose it and fall apart in a fit of giggles too.
19. I’m going to be one of those germ-freak moms who won’t let her kids play in the ball pit at McDonalds (those things are soooo disgusting).
20. I can make a three-leaf clover with my tongue.
21. Every pinkie bone in my body has been broken at least once—except for my right hand pinkie.
22. There’s a shelf in our house that holds all of the journals I’ve kept since I was six.
23. I’ve been known to bodysurf in the ocean in jeans and a tank top, dive into the Sacramento River in my Sunday dress, and slink through a leech-filled pond in not very much at all…
24. Thanks to my homeschooling background, I can focus on whatever I need to in any environment. I can also cook, clean house, and do paperwork while holding a baby.
25. I knew the majority of the lines from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” years before I ever saw it.

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  1. I love #19! I am one of those moms, well I try to be anyway. You will finally give in when your 3 year old freaks out because all the other kids are doing it. (Just make them keep their shoes on!)


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